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Hey Now! This is Jessica. I'm still editing my Inner View with Dwayne Wiggins, but I wanted to share a preview. Subscribe to CoffyTalkRadio.com to watch the complete show when we visit the musician and Founder of Tony! Toni! Tone'! At Electric Church and discuss his amazing plans for his beautiful Georgia land and his reunion with his brother Raphael Sadiiq for a tour this Fall. This is truly exciting for our nonprofit HIP INC as we help develop initiatives for edutainment, creative opportunities, artistic gatherings, and health & wellness retreats. Join coffytalk.com to connect with us.

Follow us to Electric Church in Hampton, GA, where D'Wayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Tone'! is building a unique community and artist hub for creativity, spiritual resetting, and family recreation. For more information about planning or participating in a retreat, a reunion, or a wellness class, please sign up and express interest at electricchurch.org. Tune into CoffyTalkRadio.com to watch the full video.

Coffy is percolating again! We are so grateful to the Ladies at ATL Mixx & LE Radio for getting the conversations started every week on Sunday Night. Meet Jessica Holter for Coffy & Cocktails at happy hour on Friday nights. Coffy Box Live from Chi City Cafe on Saturday Nights with Don Trella. Yogi Ami is back with Random Acts of Healing this Spring. Go live with The Punany Poets at Coffy Box Rom~Com in Chicago every 3rd Saturday at 10pm. Meet Ghetto Girl Blue for some Cold Brew on the first Monday. Share a romantic dedication on First Sunday Love Confessions.