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May 22, 2023

The Movie Gallery: 50 Shades of Black with Marlon Wayans

The Movie Gallery: 50 Shades of Black with Marlon Wayans

There's always a certain level of uncertainty regarding remaking movies. Will the new version live up to the standards of the original? Will it bring something fresh and captivating to the table? In the case of "50 Shades of Black," directed by Michael Tiddes, it's fair to say that it didn't quite meet expectations.

In the film "Fifty Shades of Black," Marlon Wayans takes on the role of Christian Black, a satirical character inspired by Christian Grey from the popular book series "Fifty Shades of Grey." Although Wayans' performance is noteworthy, the film falls short of expectations. Many of the attempts at humor come across as stale and unoriginal, relying on cliché jokes and lowbrow gags that feel more suited for a dated early 2000s comedy rather than a current 2016 release.

Tiddes could have taken a different approach to the movie to enhance its quality. By placing greater emphasis on clever satire as opposed to exaggerated slapstick, the film may have been more pleasurable to watch. Unfortunately, "50 Shades of Black" fails to meet its potential and serves as a cautionary tale to filmmakers attempting to remake well-known movies.


Chi City Cafe  Rating: 2 pumps of waste of time, and no, the all-star cast didn't make it any funnier.