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Coffy Talk Radio

About Us


Coffy Talk Radio is the new flavor of talk radio and podcasts. Coming straight from Atlanta, with hosts in Houston, Chicago and California, please join us in raw unadulterated conversations and provocative entertainment that will make you smile and carry you away to your happy place.

Fear is the enemy. Our producers at Le Radio are committed to giving platforms to fresh voices, and seasoned troublemakers who are not afraid to speak the truth.

Stay tuned in to our main channel here at CoffyTalkRadio.com for a seamless stream of content from upcoming shows:

  • New Show: First Sunday Love Confessions with Jessica Holter and Troy Vaughan
  • Chi City Café with a deep dish of Chicago news and movie reviews you can use.
  • Coffy Talk with Lez Elegance, Lady Poetry, Special Guests
  • Inner Views with Ghetto Girl Blue with Jessica Holter
  • Random Acts of Healing with The Hood Doctor, Ami Brown, CYT, CMT

Coffy Talk Radio is serving raw unadulterated conversations, provocative audio, and scintillating video for your entertainment pleasure. So pour yourself a steaming, sweet brew of this potion of ingredients that will stimulate, excite, and heal you.

Don't be shy, tell us what is on your mind.  Send a voicemail easily with a click of the purple button on this page.